Everyone has their thing.

Whatever your thing is, your server is an important part.
We want to make that part better.


We Stick to What We Know Best - Servers.

We’ll help you take care of your servers, and be out of the way when you’re on to whatever’s next.


If You Have a Question, You Should Get an Answer.

We hate phone trees, too. Whether you like to talk, chat, email or tweet, we’re here for you.


You Should Decide What to do With Your server.

Point your server to any service you want. Your server is always free to go wherever you like.

Who we are


Millions of best Servers under management!

The team at Chisonix has been giving helpful and friendly support since 2002, we pride ourselves on being able to solve 90% of your enquiries without the need to pass your call around.

We are a privately owned company and since 2005 we have been an ICANN registrar, this means that there are no intermediaries between us and the main Server Base. We offer a full range of internet solutions and can truly say that we are a one stop shop for your needs.

We offer all the main types of servers, a range of email solutions, servers hosting.